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Please reach out to our team at to learn more about collaborating.

Connect is a non-profit membership network, bringing together like-minded professionals with leading industry experts, through a blend of professional development resources, networking, and career opportunities. 



  1. Learn: breakdown barriers to professional and personal development.

  2. Career: unlock opportunities to the latest jobs within elite industries.

  3. Network: develop meaningful professional relationships.

  4. Wellbeing: support you in navigating times of stress at work.



Connect’s resources are tailored to a diverse community of talented professionals. We support those facing barriers in their careers and professional development, including, but not limited to: Ethnic minority groups, Women, EU, and international students. 

Members gain access to: 


Ways for Firms to get involved

  • Talent Acquisition - Posting roles on the jobs board. 

  • Events speakers and/or space – Hosting panel discussions, networking events, webinars, or careers fair.  

  • Volunteering through mentoring, CV reviews or interview prep clinics.

  • Content collaboration opportunities


Benefits for your firm 

  • Source diverse applicants - Take steps to engage with the widest possible talent pool when recruiting. Access to talented individuals from underrepresented groups at junior and senior levels.  

  • Step away from traditional recruitment - Connect is more than a recruitment agency. Our members have joined for professional development, as well as access to career opportunities.  

  • Reach CSR targets and advocate for positive action - Advertise jobs in a space accessible to diverse communities and find harder-to-reach candidates. 

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