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For specific questions about job applications or Mighty Networks,

please log into your Connect account for further support

or email

What is included in Connect membership?

  • Jobs Board – access to dynamic jobs from leading firms.

  • Lifelong Learning Hub - a collection of interactive courses, videos, one-pagers, and infographics to support your career journey.

  • Networking opportunities - including events and our mentoring scheme. 

How can I sign up to Connect?

Are you an SEO London alum, ready to step-in to or step-up in your professional and personal journey?


Join our diverse talent club, Connect, here.

Is there a cost to join Connect?

Connect membership is free to all SEO London Alumni.

Who is eligible to join Connect?

Connect is a closed group, open to all SEO London Alumni, including Beyond Barriers participants, AIP Fellows and AIP Academy participants. 

Can I apply for a job through Connect?

Yes! Please visit our Jobs Board, where you’ll find amazing opportunities from leading firms.

I work for a firm. How can I get involved?

We’d love to hear from you! Please reach out to our team at to learn more about collaborating.


Click here to see our Firm Collaboration page.

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