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Are you ready to step-in to or step-up in your professional and personal journey?

Lifelong Learning Hub

Whether you are just starting out in your career, aiming to advance professionally, or looking for wellbeing at work support, we have developed a collection of courses, videos, infographics and much more to support your journey.

Explore expert advice from industry leaders, all designed to empower your professional and personal growth. Our Lifelong Learning Hub is tailored to our member’s specific needs, including dedicated content for professionals in Law, Consulting and Finance.

We also create resources targeted to support: Women in Business and our International members.

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Career Opportunities

Access the Jobs Board, and apply to dynamic jobs from leading firms.


Step-into, step-up or switch-up your career! Updated weekly, Connect brings you exciting roles, with a tailored approach to your career moves. Our dedicated team are on hand to support you and your application, from CV to interview. 

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We work closely with elite and leading firms in Finance, Law and Consulting.


From Goldman Sachs, Nomura, JP Morgan, Blackrock, KKR and many more - join Connect to make your next career move!


Join the SEO London Alumni community of like-minded professionals. 
Our platform is built with the community in mind! You'll have the chance to connect with each other, gain career insights, build meaningful relationships and expand your professional circle.


Our membership is designed to bring diverse talent together and build a sense of community, and so you will feel part of something unique. 

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Receive invites to a series of online and in-person events throughout the year.


From in-person panel discussions with industry leaders and webinars, there are many opportunities to attend, learn and network.

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